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Social Media Curation

Source Ports of Call pg. 26
You immerse yourself in social media.

Activity: You spend the day crafting or curating a social media profile and interacting with others on it. At the end of the day, roll a Charisma check, adding 1 to the result for every 3 ranks you have in Diplomacy or a relevant Profession skill. At the GM’s discretion, if you have an ability that directly enhances your fame or fan engagement (such as the icon theme’s celebrity ability), you gain an additional +1 circumstance bonus to this check. You can perform this activity only once per week per social media account.

Results: Consult the following table, using the result of your Constitution check to see the results of your activity.
1 or lessYou’re overwhelmed by the apparent successes of others and fall into a funk. Any morale bonuses you would gain for the next day are reduced by 2.
2–5You maintain your account in good standing.
6–15You connect with a new subset of users and learn something new. You gain a +2 insight bonus to your next skill check to recall knowledge attempted in the next day.
16–24Another user, impressed by your skill, hires you for consultation. This pays 50 credits per level and doesn’t require any additional time spent.
25+A fan or friend is inspired to send you a personal item (from Starfinder Core Rulebook or Starfinder Armory) worth 1000 credits or less.