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Talk Therapy

Source Ports of Call pg. 27
You offer an ally a friendly ear and a bit of wisdom.

Activity: You spend the day talking with and listening to an ally, and this ally can’t perform any downtime activity for the day except this one, with you as their ally. At the end of the day, attempt a DC 10 Wisdom or Charisma check, adding 1 to the result for every 3 ranks you have in Diplomacy or a relevant Profession skill (such as counselor, manager, or psychologist).

Results: If you succeed, your ally gains a +1 morale bonus to saving throws against mind-affecting effects for the following day. If you exceed the check’s DC by 5 or more, the bonus increases to +3. If you fail the check, decrease the activity’s DC by 5 the next time you and that ally attempt this downtime activity with one another.