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Tidy Up

Source Ports of Call pg. 27
You get around to cleaning and organizing your living or traveling environment.

Activity: You spend the day tidying your starship, living quarters, campsite, or other place you spend significant time. At the end of the day, roll a Constitution check or Wisdom check. This activity can be performed only once per week in the same location.

Results: Consult the following table, using the result of your check to determine the results of your tidying. You also gain a +2 morale bonus to initiative checks in that location for one week.
1 or lessYou accidentally dispose of a random consumable item (or 250 of your credits if you don’t have a consumable item).
2–5You gain the satisfaction of a job (mostly) well done.
6–15You find 1d20 physical credits.
16–24You find a personal item of negligible bulk worth 100 credits or less.
25+You find a personal item or weapon accessory (Starfinder Armory 58) worth 1,000 credits or less.