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Crack Technology

Source Character Operations Manual pg. 151
Sometimes it’s easier to make off with an entire device and break into it at your leisure than to do so under fire.

Activity: You spend all day working to crack a single computer or object whose item level is no more than 2 higher than your character level (a computer’s effective item level is 2 × its tier). The entire computer system or other locked or secured object must be in your possession, and to crack an object, you must have access to a tech workshop or similar facilities. Usually, only one character can use the crack technology activity on a given item in a given day, though depending on its size or complexity, the GM might allow checks to aid another.

Results: You can take 20 on a Computers check to hack the computer system or an Engineering check to disable the device. This triggers defensive countermeasures as normal when hacking a system and has the same consequences for failure as when disabling a device. The GM might rule that certain devices are too powerful to be hacked or disabled this way.

Multiday: For each consecutive day you spend on this downtime activity, you gain a cumulative +1 circumstance bonus to the appropriate check, up to a maximum of +5.