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Source Character Operations Manual pg. 152
You coordinate or conduct activities, performances, and other entertainment to help a group relax and pass the time.

Activity: Choose up to 12 willing creatures who are using the lounge downtime activity. Attempt a skill check using a Charisma-based Profession skill you’re trained in (though the GM can allow other skills as appropriate to the lounge activities of the creatures you’re entertaining). The DC of this check is equal to 10 + 1 per creature you’re entertaining + 1-1/2 × the highest character level or CR among those you’re entertaining, whichever is applicable.

Results: Success on this check determines how many creatures you’ve properly entertained. You properly entertain a number of creatures equal to 1 + the number by which your check exceeded the DC. (If you do not properly entertain all creatures you’ve attempted to entertain, the GM chooses which ones receive the benefit from this activity.) Creatures you’ve properly entertained gain double the temporary Hit Points and double the morale bonus to a saving throw that the lounge activity grants. If you properly entertained all creatures you attempted to entertain, you also gain the normal bonuses for the lounge activity. A creature can benefit from the entertain activity at most once per day.