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Source Starfinder Enhanced pg. 54
Your nanites can reconfigure cells on a molecular scale, allowing you to alter the material composition of your body to react to your needs in any situation.

Body Array (Ex)1st Level

Claws of steel, legs of hardwood, polycarbonate torso—your nanites can reconfigure your cells individually into different materials, granting you access to a special fourth array option called a body array. When you form a body array, you gain your choice of one energy resistance equal to your Constitution modifier, chosen when you form the array. At 3rd level and every 4 levels thereafter, increase this resistance by 1.

Molecular Savant (Ex)5th Level

You understand the physics of the world on a molecular level thanks to your nanites. You can use your Constitution modifier in place of your Intelligence modifier when attempting Physical Science checks. While your body array is active, you can attempt a Physical Science check against an opponent with a DC of 15 + the creature’s CR as a move action; if you succeed, your next unarmed strike against that creature counts as any special material for the purposes of bypassing DR.

Shockingly Dense (Ex)9th Level

Your increased molecular density is disastrous for the weapons of your enemies. While your body array is active, whenever you are struck with a melee weapon, the weapon takes damage equal to your Constitution modifier plus your nanocyte level. Apply the weapon’s hardness normally. Weapons that take any amount of damage in excess of their hardness gain the broken condition. If the weapon is a natural weapon, the damage is dealt directly to the creature instead; this damage counts as being of any special material if that would bypass any DR that creature has.

Cellular Redoubt (Ex)13th Level

Your nanites make your body a bastion of density and stability. While your body array is active, you gain a +1 bonus to EAC and KAC and an additional +2 bonus to KAC against bull rush and trip combat maneuvers. Additionally, while your body array is active, treat your level as 3 higher when calculating the bonus of your cyto-conversion ability.

Tensile Strength (Ex)17th Level

Your transmuted body is stronger and heavier, making you a force to be reckoned with. While your body array is active, double your Strength bonus to damage on melee attacks; if you have an ability that allows you to use Constitution in place of Strength to determine melee damage, double your Constitution bonus instead. While your body array is active, whenever you successfully deal damage to a creature with a melee attack, you can immediately attempt a bull rush combat maneuver against that target (this takes no actions and does not provoke attacks of opportunity).