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Source Galactic Magic pg. 18
Thaumapathy studies the inherent magic that suffuses living things, enhancing or dampening that power with the use of eldritch pharmaceuticals.

Booster: You temporarily boost a creature’s intrinsic magical field, granting it spell resistance equal to 5 + your class level. If it already has spell resistance, increase the spell resistance by 1 (or by 2 if the original spell resistance is less than or equal to 10 + your biohacker level).

Inhibitor: Your inhibitor restricts the magical pathways of the target’s body, making spellcasting more difficult. Reduce the caster level and saving throw DCs of spells and spell-like abilities the creature casts by 1. The creature takes a penalty equal to 1 per damage die when rolling damage dealt by its spells and spell-like abilities.
For the duration of the inhibitor’s effect, spells and spell-like abilities that normally have a casting time of 1 standard action instead gain a casting time of 1 round, and spells and spell-like abilities that normally have a casting time of 1 round gain a casting time of 2 rounds.


You can use the following ability when you achieve the breakthrough for this field of study.

Magic Renewal (Su): As a standard action, you can create and deliver a medicinal formula to a living creature that restores one of that creature’s expended spell slots or expended spell-like abilities. The level of the spell slot or spell-like ability restored cannot exceed one-third your biohacker level (rounded up). A creature can benefit from your magic renewal breakthrough only once per day.