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Fighting Styles

The following fighting styles represent those most commonly chosen by soldiers. Each fighting style lists the style techniques you learn as you gain levels.


Source Starfinder Enhanced pg. 72
The deity Chaldira champions the righteous underdog, and her followers have immortalized her tenets in a unique fighting style. Through psychological conditioning and honed reflexes, a Chaldirilist trains to laugh off obstacles, engage the toughest foes, avenge anyone who would hurt an ally, and have fun. Though developed by halflings, variants of this style have spread elsewhere in the galaxy.

Bully Battler (Ex) - 1st Level

You punch up harder than others can punch down. Against any foe you’ve witnessed deal damage to an ally or to a creature whose level is at least 4 lower than the foe’s CR, your next successful melee attack against that foe before the end of your next turn deals additional damage equal to 1d4 + half your soldier level. Alternatively, you can treat that foe as flat-footed against your next bull rush, reposition, or trip combat maneuver you attempt against them before the end of your next turn.

Laugh Off Tyranny (Ex) - 5th Level

If you have the confused, fascinated, fatigued, shaken, sickened, or staggered condition caused by a foe at the beginning of your turn, you can spend 1 Resolve Point to attempt a Will save against the effect that gave you that condition, using that effect’s save DC. If you succeed, you don’t suffer the effects of that condition (though you continue experiencing anything else caused by the effect) for 1d4 rounds. The condition is merely suppressed, not removed, and its effects resume afterward. Against an effect that has no saving throw, the Will save DC equals 8 + the foe’s CR.

Anything for a Friend (Ex) - 9th Level

You gain Bodyguard as a bonus feat, or In Harm’s Way if you already have Bodyguard; if you have both feats, you gain a different combat feat for which you qualify. You can use Bodyguard to protect an ally who is up to 10 feet away, rather than just an adjacent ally. When you use In Harm’s Way to intercept an attack, you gain the effects of your bully battler ability against the attacker as if your ally had taken damage, and the additional damage that ability deals increases to 1d12 + half your soldier level.

Lethal Gambit (Ex) - 13th Level

At the start of your turn, you can activate this ability to be especially reckless and bold, granting effects that last until the beginning of your next turn. You gain the flat-footed condition, and attacks against you score a critical hit on a natural 19 or 20 die result. When you move toward a significant foe, you gain a +10-foot enhancement bonus to your movement speeds, you gain a +1 circumstance bonus to melee attack rolls against significant foes, and you score a critical hit with melee attacks against a significant foe on a natural 19 or 20 die result. After you score a critical hit on a natural 19 die result with this ability, you cannot activate the ability again for 1d4 rounds.

The Bigger They Are (Ex) - 17th Level

As a standard action, you can attempt a single melee attack against a significant foe. If the attack hits, you can spend 1 Resolve Point to knock the target prone and deal 5d6 additional damage as though the target had fallen 50 feet (Fortitude negates). If the target is larger than Medium and at least one size category larger than you, increase the falling damage by 5 and increase the Fortitude save DC by 1. If the target is larger than Large and at least two size categories larger than you, instead increase the falling damage by 10, and increase the Fortitude save DC by 2.