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Fighting Styles

The following fighting styles represent those most commonly chosen by soldiers. Each fighting style lists the style techniques you learn as you gain levels.


Source Interstellar Species pg. 32
For some, the best combat strategies eliminate the opposition before they’re even halfway close enough to pose a credible threat. You’re adept at keeping a low profile while launching consistent, patient, and deadly attacks from afar. This style is especially well suited to sniper weapons; activating a weapon’s sniper special property to increase a weapon’s range (typically as a move action) is referred to below as “aiming a sniper weapon,” and attacks made with that increased range are referred to as “aimed shots.”

Steady Shot (Ex) - 1st Level

You gain Stealth as a class skill. When you make an aimed shot, you can reroll any damage dice with a result of 1 and use the second result instead.

Patient Precision (Ex) - 5th Level

You can aim a sniper weapon as a full action instead of as a move action, designating a target when you do so. The next ranged attack you make against the target with that weapon before the end of your next turn is resolved as an aimed shot. If the attack is a critical hit, you roll your damage three times (rather than two times) and add the rolls together to calculate the critical hit’s damage, and the saving throw DCs of any of the attack’s critical hit effects are increased by 1.

Lethal Near and Far (Ex) - 9th Level

While you’re adept at sniping, you’ve also turned your gun into a deadly improvised weapon. You increase the sniper weapon special property range increment of any weapon you wield by 20%. You can also attack with any sniper weapon of at least 1 bulk as though it were a two-handed basic melee weapon with the block weapon special property and the knockdown critical hit effect that deals bludgeoning damage based on its item level; if the sniper weapon’s item level is 7 or lower, it deals 1d8 damage, and this damage increases by 1d8 at item level 9 and every 2 item levels thereafter (maximum 7d8 at item level 19).

Instant Aim (Ex) - 13th Level

You can aim a sniper weapon as a swift action rather than as a move action, or you can aim your sniper weapon using your patient precision ability as a standard action. Once you use this ability, you can’t do so again until you rest for 10 minutes to regain Stamina Points. You can use this ability additional times without resting, but you must spend 1 Resolve Point for each additional use.

One Shot, One Kill (Ex) - 17th Level

You gain the increased critical hit damage and increased critical effect save DC of your patient precision ability whenever you perform an aimed shot. If you use patient precision to aim as a full action (or as a standard action with instant aim), the next aimed shot you attempt before the end of your next turn scores a critical hit dealing double damage on a natural die result of 18 or 19, and it scores a critical hit dealing the full triple damage on a natural die result of 20.