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Envoy Improvisations

You learn your first envoy improvisation at 1st level and an additional improvisation at 2nd level and every 2 levels thereafter. Many improvisations require you to have a minimum envoy level, and they are organized accordingly. Some improvisations have additional prerequisites, such as other improvisations.
Language-Dependent Improvisation
Mind-Affecting Improvisation
Sense-Dependent Improvisation

A Few More Steps! (Ex)

Source Interstellar Species pg. 22
As a reaction when an ally within 60 feet of you is reduced to 0 HP and would become unconscious, you can compel them to stay up and stagger out of the fray. The ally remains conscious, becomes nauseated, and gains temporary Hit Points equal to your envoy level + your Charisma modifier until the end of their next turn. Afterward, if the ally has 0 Hit Points, they become unconscious and dying as normal, including losing 1 Resolve Point at the end of their turn. Once a creature has been affected by this improvisation, they’re immune to it for 24 hours.
At 6th level, the ally becomes staggered and off-target rather than nauseated. If the ally is stable and unconscious and spends 1 Resolve Point to regain 1 HP within 1 minute of falling unconscious, they instead regain HP equal to your envoy level + your Charisma modifier.