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Envoy Improvisations

You learn your first envoy improvisation at 1st level and an additional improvisation at 2nd level and every 2 levels thereafter. Many improvisations require you to have a minimum envoy level, and they are organized accordingly. Some improvisations have additional prerequisites, such as other improvisations.
Language-Dependent Improvisation
Mind-Affecting Improvisation
Sense-Dependent Improvisation

Improved Vexation (Ex)

Source Starfinder Enhanced pg. 40
Level Required 6
Your blistering battle rapport adds an extra sting to your attacks. The first time each round that you succeed at a weapon attack against a creature affected by your vexing style, you can choose to add your Charisma modifier to the attackā€™s damage instead of adding your Strength modifier. If the attack would not normally add your Strength modifier to its damage, you instead add half your Charisma modifier as a bonus to the damage. You cannot apply your Charisma modifier to damage in this way with weapons that affect an area, such as those with the explode or line special weapon properties.
You must have the vexing style improvisation to choose this improvisation.