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Envoy Improvisations

You learn your first envoy improvisation at 1st level and an additional improvisation at 2nd level and every 2 levels thereafter. Many improvisations require you to have a minimum envoy level, and they are organized accordingly. Some improvisations have additional prerequisites, such as other improvisations.
Language-Dependent Improvisation
Mind-Affecting Improvisation
Sense-Dependent Improvisation

Kiss It Better (Ex)

Source Starfinder Enhanced pg. 39
Level Required 6
With only a token medical effort, you can convince allies that they’ve recovered from recent injuries. As a standard action, you can attempt a Bluff or Medicine check against an ally within your natural reach who has less than their maximum number of Hit Points or Stamina Points. The DC for this check is equal to either 5 + your ally’s total Sense Motive bonus, 5 + your ally’s total Medicine bonus, or 10 + 1-1/2 × the ally’s level, whichever is greater. If your check succeeds, the ally gains temporary Hit Points equal to 2d8 + your Charisma Modifier, plus an additional 1d8 temporary Hit Points for every 4 envoy levels you have beyond 6th (maximum 5d8 + your Charisma modifier at 18th level). These temporary Hit Points last for 10 minutes. Each time you use kiss it better on a creature, the skill check DC to affect that creature with the improvisation increases by 5 for 1 day.