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Envoy Improvisations

You learn your first envoy improvisation at 1st level and an additional improvisation at 2nd level and every 2 levels thereafter. Many improvisations require you to have a minimum envoy level, and they are organized accordingly. Some improvisations have additional prerequisites, such as other improvisations.
Language-Dependent Improvisation
Mind-Affecting Improvisation
Sense-Dependent Improvisation

Sting of Failure (Ex)

Source Starfinder Enhanced pg. 39
Level Required 4
Your retorts further embarrass enemies who have already failed. As a reaction when a creature within 60 feet misses you with an attack, you can taunt them. The creature gains the off-target condition until the end of your next turn (Will negates). You can use this improvisation against a creature with whom you don’t share a language, but the creature gains a +4 bonus to its Will save against the effect. Once a creature successfully saves against this improvisation, it is immune to your sting of failure for 1 hour.
At 6th level, you can spend a Resolve Point when you use this ability to enhance its effect. The creature becomes off-target until the end of your next turn (no save), during which time they cannot take reactions (save negates).