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All-Seeing Nanites (Ex)

Source Tech Revolution pg. 15
Nanocyte Level Required 10
Your nanites’ sensors are especially acute. You gain blindsight (vibration) with a range of 5 feet. This blindsight also extends to any area in or adjacent to your nanite cloud.
As a reaction, after you touch a target, strike a target with a weapon formed with your gear array, or are hit by an adjacent creature, you can use a nanite surge to adhere a tiny mass of nanites to that creature or object; a creature can attempt a Reflex save to negate this effect. These nanites resonate with the rest of your nanite array, allowing you to sense the target as though you had blindsight (vibration) with a range of 120 feet. In addition, you can track the target with a base DC of 10 regardless of the surface conditions, and you can use Perception in place of Survival to track the target. The tracking nanites remain active for a number of days equal to your Constitution modifier.
You must have the sensory nanites knack to select this knack.