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Instant Ward (Su)

Source Galactic Magic pg. 27
Nanocyte Level Required 2
Your nanites can inscribe magical sigils, creating temporary wards against supernatural beings. As a standard action while y o u r eldritch array or cloud array is active, you can direct your nanites to create a protective ward in a 5-foot square. This ward must be created on a stable surface, such as a wall or floor, and it is clearly visible. If your eldritch array is active, this ward appears in one square you occupy. If your cloud array is active, the ward appears in one square your cloud array occupies. When you or an ally stand in the warded square, that creature gains a +1 divine bonus to AC and saving throws against the attacks, spells, and abilities of fey, outsiders, and undead. If a fey, outsider, or undead who is not your ally enters or ends their turn in the warded square, they take a –1 penalty to AC and saving throws. Either effect lasts as long as the creature remains in the warded area and until the end of their next turn if they leave the warded area.
A space remains warded for 1 minute, until it is no longer adjacent to (or within) your nanite array, or until you create a new ward.