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Magic Hacks

You learn your first magic hack at 2nd level and an additional hack every 3 levels thereafter. Magic hacks require you to be a certain level and are organized accordingly.

Rewire Synapses (Sp)

Source Galaxy Exploration Manual pg. 29
Level Required 14
Once per day as a full action, you reconfigure the mind of a construct, living creature, or creature with the technological subtype within 60 feet of you and whose CR is lower than or equal to your technomancer level (Will negates). If the target fails the save, choose one of that creature’s allies as well as one of the creature’s foes that both you and the target can perceive with a precise sense. The magic hack causes the target to treat the chosen ally as if they were an enemy, urging the target to attack, harass, or evade that ally. The magic hack’s target also treats the chosen enemy as if they were an ally, compelling the target to protect, aid, and fight alongside that creature. These effects don’t compel the target to attack their new enemy to the exclusion of other targets, but the target does preferentially harm the new enemy when possible.
This effect lasts a number of rounds equal to your Intelligence modifier. At the end of any turn in which they harmed their new enemy, the target can attempt a new saving throw against this magic hack; if they succeed, the effect ends.