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Alternate Class Features - Technomancer

Technomancers have access to the following alternate class features.

Drone Technomancy

You have created an extraordinary new life powered by your technomancy, providing you a skilled companion at the cost of your overall magical potential.

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Immortal Tutor (Su)

You’ve learned technology from extraplanar experts.

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Junk Technomancy

Your magic easily recycles technological refuse into useful tools, literally making another’s trash into your treasure.

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Cache Augmentation (Ex)1st Level

Your studies of the fundamental forces of the galaxy have enabled you to enhance one of your body’s systems to benefit from the energy of stored spells. You might have been bestowed this augmentation by an order of technomancers, implanted the augmentation into yourself as part of your research, or witnessed part of your body undergo a technomantic apotheosis that left you with the ability to cast spells.

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Cache Hacks (Su)6th Level

At 6th level, you can acquire a cache hack, a fundamental shift in the focus of your spell cache that alters the spells you can cast with the cache capacitor class feature.

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Hack Capacitor (Su)6th Level

You can adjust your magical knowledge, granting you the ability to hack your spellcasting in unexpected ways. Select three magic hacks that you do not have but whose prerequisites you meet.

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