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Magic Hacks

You learn your first magic hack at 2nd level and an additional hack every 3 levels thereafter. Magic hacks require you to be a certain level and are organized accordingly.

Scramble Communications (Ex)

Source Drift Crisis pg. 46
Level Required 2
As a standard action, you scramble the signal of all technological communication devices in a 5-foot burst within 30 feet. For 1 minute, the devices can’t connect to the infosphere and can’t be used to send messages or communications. If you spend 1 Resolve Point as an additional cost to activate scramble communications, the duration increases to 1 hour. If the device is in a creature’s possession, that creature can attempt a Will save to negate the effect. Once per minute as a full action, a creature adjacent to an affected device can attempt a Computers check (DC = 10 + your technomancer level + your Intelligence modifier + your insight bonus granted by techlore), ending this magic hack’s effect on that device if successful. After you have attempted to scramble a device with this magic hack, that device becomes immune to scramble communications for 24 hours.