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Magic Hacks

You learn your first magic hack at 2nd level and an additional hack every 3 levels thereafter. Magic hacks require you to be a certain level and are organized accordingly.

Soul Backup (Su)

Source Tech Revolution pg. 35
Level Required 14
As part of a ritual that takes 8 hours, during which the subject must remain within 10 feet of you, you can scan and download a compressed copy of a willing creature’s soul into your spell cache. Your spell cache can only store a number of such copies equal to your Intelligence modifier, you cannot store more than one copy of a specific creature’s soul in this way, and you can purge soul data with 1 minute of programming.
The soul data can be accessed in several ways, but after any of these uses, the decompressed data becomes so expansive that it exceeds your spell cache’s available memory and becomes irrevocably corrupted and unusable. First, a spellcaster can expend the data while casting raise dead on the stored soul’s body to halve the cost of the expensive beacon required by the spell. Second, you can expend the data to interview the subject so long as they are dead, as if casting speak with dead without needing access to the corpse. Finally, you can expend the data as a standard action to rebuff an undead creature made from the subject (such as the subject’s ghost or animated skeleton), with a range of 100 feet; the undead takes 1d20 force damage per technomancer level (Fortitude half).