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Magic Hacks

You learn your first magic hack at 2nd level and an additional hack every 3 levels thereafter. Magic hacks require you to be a certain level and are organized accordingly.

Tracking Beacon (Sp)

Source Drift Crisis pg. 46
Level Required 11
You can spend 2 Resolve Points as a standard action to touch a vehicle or starship and infect it with a tracking program that tracks the vehicle on your behalf. The program lasts a number of days equal to your technomancer level, sending real-time coordinates to your spell cache to inform you of the vehicle’s location, whether it’s moving, and its relative status: unharmed, broken (vehicle only), wrecked (vehicle only), damaged (a starship with critical damage to at least one system), disabled (starship only), or destroyed. If the vehicle or starship enters the Drift, the program transmits Drift codes for the starship’s destination, enabling you to plot a course to the same destination.
A creature interacting with the vehicle can attempt a Computers or Mysticism check once per day to detect your tracking program, with a DC equal to 15 + 1-1/2 your technomancer level. Once detected, your tracking program can be dispelled as if it were a spell, or it can be removed by being hacked as if it were a computer whose tier is equal to half your technomancer level.