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Magic Hacks

You learn your first magic hack at 2nd level and an additional hack every 3 levels thereafter. Magic hacks require you to be a certain level and are organized accordingly.

Usurp Code (Su)

Source Tech Revolution pg. 35
Level Required 8
You can spend 1 Resolve Point as a reaction when you or an adjacent ally successfully saves against a spell to absorb the spell’s formula into your spell cache. The spell’s formula remains in your spell cache for a number of rounds equal to your Intelligence modifier, and as a swift action or move action you can attempt to decode the spell by succeeding at a Mysticism check (DC = 10 + 5 × the level of the spell); you can instead attempt a Computers check with the same DC if the spell is on the technomancer spell list. Once you have deciphered the spell, temporarily add it to your list of spells known as a technomancer spell. After you cast this spell, the formula is erased from your spell cache.
You must have a spell cache to select this magic hack.