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Mechanic Tricks

You learn your first mechanic trick at 2nd level and an additional trick every 2 levels thereafter. Mechanic tricks all require you to meet a minimum mechanic level, and they are organized accordingly. Some mechanic tricks require you to satisfy other prerequisites, such as having other tricks.

Artificial Pilot (Ex)

Source Galaxy Exploration Manual pg. 18
Level Required 8
Your drone has learned to operate vehicles quite independently. When you’re piloting a vehicle in which your drone is a passenger, you can engage autocontrol (or engage autopilot, if you have the expert AI ability) as part of the action you use to drive or race, even if the vehicle doesn’t have an autocontrol or an autopilot function. If the vehicle doesn’t have an autocontrol or autopilot function, your drone must spend its actions each round to maintain the engaged function. If it’s unable to do so, the autocontrol or autopilot stops functioning. You must have a drone to select this mechanic trick.