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Mechanic Tricks

You learn your first mechanic trick at 2nd level and an additional trick every 2 levels thereafter. Mechanic tricks all require you to meet a minimum mechanic level, and they are organized accordingly. Some mechanic tricks require you to satisfy other prerequisites, such as having other tricks.

Projected Shield (Ex)

Source Interstellar Species pg. 25
Level Required 2
When you activate your energy shield mechanic trick, you can apply its effects to an adjacent ally instead of to yourself. If your energy shield grants additional benefits, such as from the facet deflection trick, you also apply those additional benefits to the ally instead of yourself. Your energy shield ends immediately if the target is ever more than 100 feet away from you. If you activate your energy shield ability a second time (such as with the boost shield trick), any other energy shield you have active ends immediately. You must have the energy shield mechanic trick to select this trick.