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The following represent the most common mystic connections. See page 83 for more information on the connection class feature.

Third Eye

Source Starfinder #44: Allies Against the Eye pg. 51
You embrace entropy as an exalted force to be studied and mastered, and you honor entropy by shepherding all things toward their inevitable end. You sense and manipulate entropy in both physical and spiritual ways, and you can harness entropic energy.

Associated Deities: Ataxxea (philosophy—you scorn all deities in favor of sceaduinars, extraplanar creatures from the Negative Energy Plane), Groetus, Pharasma
Associated Skills: Mysticism and Life Science
Spells: 1st - acidic mist, 2nd - reject augmentation, 3rd - bestow curse, 4th - death ward, 5th - retrocognition, 6th - snuff life

Entropic Senses (Ex) - 1st Level

You are attuned to the entropic energies at work in all things and can sense their location. You gain blindsense (vibration) with a range of 30 feet. If you already have blindsense (vibration), you instead gain blindsight (vibration) at the range of your blindsense (vibration).

Foresight (Sp) - 3rd Level

You gain the power to sense how the entropy in nearby objects and creatures will change in the near future and how it will affect the circumstances around you. As a standard action, you can spend 1 Resolve Point to use augury as a spell-like ability. You can use this ability once per day, plus one additional time per day for every two Third Eye feats you have.

Deteriorate (Su) - 6th Level

You can sense and manipulate entropic energy within other creatures, causing various types of deterioration to occur at a much higher rate. As a standard action, you expend one mystic spell slot or spend 1 Resolve Point (your choice) and target a single enemy who must succeed at a Fortitude saving throw or be fatigued for a ›number of rounds equal to the level of the spell slot that you expended or, if you spent a Resolve Point, for a number of rounds equal to the highest level of mystic spell you can cast. The duration of this effect increases by one additional round for every two Third Eye feats you have. A creature affected by deteriorate is immune to additional uses of deteriorate for as long as the effect lasts.

Fracture Defenses (Su) - 9th Level

When you use your deteriorate ability, an affected enemy that fails its Fortitude save also loses resistance to a single type of kinetic or energy damage (Core Rulebook 169). The target loses an amount of resistance equal to your mystic level, and this effect lasts for as long as the target is affected by your deteriorate ability.

Globe of Entropy (Sp) - 12th Level

You can harness entropic energy and shape it to encapsulate your opponents. You can use resilient sphere once per day as a spell-like ability, plus one additional time per day for every two Third Eye feats you have. Your caster level for this spell-like ability is equal to your character level, and the DC is equal to 13 + your Wisdom modifier.

Perfect Foresight (Su) - 15th Level

Your foresight connection power has evolved. When using that ability, you have a 100% chance of receiving a meaningful reply. In addition, you can’t be surprised, and you always act in a surprise round.

Entropic Burst (Su) - 18th Level

At 18th level, you can channel entropic energies into an explosion. As a standard action, you can create a burst of energy that deals 12d6 acid damage in a 30-foot radius around yourself (Reflex half); you’re immune to this effect. You can use entropic burst once per day, plus one additional time for every two Third Eye feats you have.