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Source Interstellar Species pg. 14
You intend to gradually metamorphose into a fantastical or extraplanar being. Magical energy flows through your veins and deflects spells, yet the more you embrace this influence, the more toxic the mundane world becomes to you.

Augmentation Type: Magitech
Class Skill: Mysticism
Instinct: When you have 1 or more Mutation Points you gain spell resistance equal to 5 + your MP + your evolutionist level. If you’re hit by or fail a saving throw against an enemy’s spell, you can take a reaction to gain a +2 bonus to saving throws of the same type (Reflex, for example) until the end of your next turn. In addition, you can voluntarily lower your spell resistance until the beginning of your next turn as a standard action or as a reaction.
Drawback: Your body increasingly operates on a magical level, leaving you vulnerable to mundane threats. While you have at least 1 MP, the first time you take nonmagical kinetic damage each round, you take additional damage equal to half your evolutionist level plus the number of MP you have. While you have at least 3 MP, you can’t voluntarily lower your spell resistance.
Spell Bending (1st level): When a willing ally within 30 feet of you casts a spell, you can spend a number of MP equal to 1 + half the spell’s level as a reaction to absorb and redirect the spell’s energy. Attempt a Fortitude save, using the spell’s save DC as your saving throw’s DC. If you fail, you choose the spell’s targets, measure the spell’s range from your space, and make any attack rolls for the spell as if you were the caster, though the original spellcaster makes any caster level checks, rolls any damage, and is responsible for controlling and concentrating on any subsequent effects of the spell. If you succeed at the save, you can redirect the spell as if you had failed, but you also apply one of the following three special effects to the spell.
  • You increase the spell’s saving throw DCs by 2, to a maximum of 10 + half your evolutionist level + your key ability score modifier.
  • The spellcaster’s caster level is treated as 2 higher for the purpose of overcoming spell resistance, to a maximum of your evolutionist level + 1.
  • If the spell deals damage, you can replace your adaptive strike’s damage with one damage type dealt by the spell until the end of your next turn. This effect doesn’t change whether your adaptive strike targets KAC or EAC.

Arcane Leap (10th level): As a move action, you instantly teleport to any space within your line of effect within 30 feet. When you activate your spell bending adaptation, you can spend 1 additional MP to activate this ability as part of that reaction, teleporting to any space within 30 feet that is within or adjacent to the spell’s target or area of effect.
Niche Metamorphasis (20th level): Your creature type becomes your choice of dragon, fey, or outsider. You become immune to one of the following damage types: acid, cold, electricity, fire, or sonic.