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Starship Toolbox

Source Galaxy Exploration Manual pg. 152
Use the following tables to help you generate starships quickly.
Starship Names: Roll twice on this table to name a random starship. You can arrange and tweak the two results in a way that makes sense to you (for example, you could add “the” before the first word, form a single compound word from the first and second words, make the first word possessive, or place the second word before the first). You can even use results from the same column or roll more than twice.
Starship Quirks: This table provides a memorable characteristic for a random starship.
Legendary Starships: Each of this table’s entries showcases a unique legendary starship.

Starship Names

D% First Word Second Word
1–2 Adamant Angel
3–4 Asteroid Atlas
5–6 Astral Bastion
7–8 Bantam Brand
9–10 Blue Course
11–12 Boundless Deal
13–14 Bright Desire
15–16 Comet Destroyer
17–18 Dancing Devil
19–20 Divine Diplomat
21–22 Eclipse Diver
23–24 Fate Dragon
25–26 Free Dream
27–28 Galactic Emerald
29–30 Golden Falcon
31–32 Green Flare
33–34 Hell Ghost
35–36 Hollow Glory
37–38 Horizon Guard
39–40 Hungry Hand
41–42 Infinite Hope
43–44 Invincible Hunter
45–46 Last Kraken
47–48 Lucky Lance
49–50 Moon Messenger
51–552 Nameless Mystery
53–54 Nebula Navigator
55–56 Neutron Nexus
57–58 New Oblivion
59–60 Night Omen
61–62 Old Opal
63–64 Plasma Paradise
65–66 Pulse Path
67–68 Purple Phoenix
69–70 Reborn Prince
71–72 Regal Princess
73–74 Ring Raven
75–76 Silver Road
77–78 Stellar Ruby
79–80 Storm Runner
81–82 Sun Saber
83–84 Swift Song
85–86 Trick Trader
87–88 Unlucky Vision
89–90 Void Wanderer
91–92 War Wasp
93–94 Wending Watcher
95–96 Wild Wind
97–98 Worthy Wolf
99–100 Young Wonder

Starship Quirks

D20 Description
1 The ship has been painted to resemble an apex predator.
2 A mummified corpse is mounted on the ship’s fore hull.
3 The ship’s name is printed in 14 languages.
4 A yellow triskelion on the ship’s hull causes headaches.
5 The ship’s hull is covered in holographic corporate logos.
6 A third of the ship was very clearly cut from a different vessel and soldered onto this one.
7 Knots of bright cerulean tendrils cover the ship’s hull.
8 The exoskeleton of some space-going Swarm horror is draped across the ship’s hull as decoration or armor.
9 The ship sports multiple glittering, golden solar-sail arrays.
10 The ship’s hull features a large, imperfectly patched crater.
11 The ship boasts an entourage of bejeweled escort drones.
12 Several of the ship’s bulkheads are transparent.
13 The ship is a replica of a fictional ship from a popular holovid.
14 The ship is designed for a very large or a very small crew.
15 The ship’s weapons have holographic projectors that make it look like they’re being operated by cute cartoon characters.
16 The ship’s weapons emit plumes of red smoke.
17 The ship’s shields shimmer like an aurora borealis when hit.
18 The ship’s thrusters vibrate at an annoying frequency.
19 The ship’s lighting fails at dramatically appropriate moments.
20 The ship’s engine emits harmless radiation that smells of lavender.

Legendary Starships

D% Description
1–4 The Ouroboros, a curiously shaped research ship, resembles a twisted ring of metal with every angle carefully polished into a curve. Its polite human crew bears a thoroughly uncanny resemblance to one another.
5–8 The eccentric Eoxian entertainment mogul Zo! outfitted the Exemplarion, his personal space-yacht, with a casino, spa, and three restaurants—all operated by a crew of bone troopers.
9–12 Designated YG-78 by the Pact Worlds, this city-sized vessel looks like some unwholesome combination of squid and fungus. It houses hundreds of thousands of mi-goAA2, who mine asteroids and sometimes trade with outsiders.
13–16 The Springs Eternal, a ghoran AA2 bio-ark that resembles a skyscraper-sized tree, boasts terraforming capabilities designed to establish Ghorus Prime, but which have also been used on other worlds.
17–20 Not much is known about The-Five-Who-Speak-As-One, one the Dominion of the Black’s mysterious overlords. They reside somewhere in the darkness between the stars on an organic spaceship the size of a small moon.
21–24 The Blood Tusk, a feared pirate ship of the Vast, gained notoriety for its swift engines, adamantine-tipped ramming spike, and its crew of bloodthirsty morlamaw AA3 demon worshippers.
25–28 The King of Ravens is a well-designed starship cursed with the vilest luck. Accidents and misfortunes occur regularly, and twice have killed the entire crew—once in a freak life-support accident, once when a rare bacterium made its way onboard.
29–32 The Rising of Porleq is the pinnacle of Vercite technical achievement, the product of a decades-long military procurement process. The ship is overengineered to absurdity and orders of magnitude over budget, but the individual components (including rapid-fire meson guns and adaptive shields) are among the finest in the Pact Worlds.
33–36 An enormous, nameless pyramid-shaped vessel sometimes appears on the edge of systems as an ill omen. Covered entirely in black glass with no visible engines or entrances, some cults worship it as an avatar of Nyarlathotep.
37–40 The Conqueror of Worlds is the pride of the Veskarium, a warship over 6 miles long, bristling with guns and torpedoes, covered in armor and shields, and carrying tens of thousands of soldiers. The ship can conquer a world all on its own but is more often found serving as the flagship of the Veskarium’s war fleet.
41–44 The Inquiring Mind was a deep exploration ship specializing in xenobiological research that vanished after entering an unexplored nebula. It was recently spotted in Near Space, broadcasting strung-together audio clips pleading for help.
45–48 The AI-operated drone ship known as Panacea hails from unknown origins, but for centuries, its drones have collected genetic samples from sapient populations, never communicating but sometimes leaving behind hyper-advanced medicines.
49–52 The Zier XIV was the personal yacht of a planetary dictator from a distant system. Just before a revolution overthrew the despot, they loaded the ship with a planet’s treasury and launched it into the depths of space without a crew.
53–56 The ancient mega-freighter Morius plies the trade routes of the Vast, its crew stacking cargo around an enormous, building-sized sarcophagus in the central hold with unknown contents.
57–60 An experimental warship designed by Ringworks Industries for the Pact Worlds navy, the Payload is built around its “catapult array,” a giant mass driver capable of sending vehicle-sized metal slugs at an appreciable percentage of light speed.
61–64 The Ship of Archelliens is a wooden trireme with an immortal crew. Eons ago, they were cursed to sail forever. Even now—with their planet destroyed and their god forgotten—they still sail.
65–68 The Deadfall resembles a lumbering cargo vessel until it unveils its many cannons and missiles. The crew of experienced marauders works more in extortion and theft than murder, but the Deadfall is no slouch in a fight.
69–72 The pre-Gap deep explorer Zorya haunts the farthest reaches of the Vast. Run almost entirely by machines and using its vast engines to consume asteroids and harvest the plasma of suns, the ship has a fell reputation.
73–76 The Shiveilo Princess is one of the more famous ghost ships of the Vast, a luxurious star liner that perished with all hands when it was invaded by a cabal of velstracs AA2. Now it floats, silent and eerie, inhabited by horrors and lost souls.
77–80 The Perpetual Pilgrimage is a refurbished junk barge, occupied by a motley collection of religious pilgrims from dozens of faiths. Despite the ship’s ramshackle nature and untrained, fractious crew, it’s famously one of the luckiest ships in the Vast.
81–84 One of the most infamous mercenary fleets in Near Space, the Claws of Dahak consists not of warships but of a half-dozen dragons in sophisticated power armor, flying forth from a decommissioned Triaxian support carrier, Dahak’s Hoard.
85–88 The Known Variable, a corporate research vessel, conducted illegal experiments in mind expansion in the depths of space. One experiment succeeded too well, and now a fledgling republic of uplifted laboratory rats rules the ship, trading with outlying colonies and attacking corporate vessels.
89–92 The High Queen Kerlammkt, a large shirren vessel crewed by devotees of Hylax, welcomes all visitors and boasts a wide promenade. Rumors abound that numerous espionage agencies from several systems use the ship as a clandestine meeting spot.
93–96 Designated The Nightmare by the Stewards, this matte-black living cruiser seems to be unique in the Swarm. The ship uses psychic abilities, hallucinogenic spores, and a small supply of terror-organisms to conduct psychological warfare operations.
97–100 The cathedral ship Inheritor’s Scale bears mighty guns and armed paladins, but is better known for its state-of-the-art forensic labs, veteran investigators, and law courts versed in a hundred planets’ legal systems, all of which are placed at the disposal of beleaguered worlds.