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Treasure Toolbox

Source Galaxy Exploration Manual pg. 154
You can use the following table with Table 11–4: Wealth Gains per Encounter (Starfinder Core Rulebook 391) to provide interesting and varied level-appropriate treasure for PCs.
Use these (or your own variations) to make treasure more exciting than another dropped credstick. Each of these items might even spur its own further adventure!

Treasure Objects

D20 Description
1,000 Credits
1 A collector’s edition, limited-run physical pressing of Strawberry Machine Cake’s album Star Sugar Heartlove!!!
2 A toy starship with 5 doses of hyperleaf stuffed into the cockpit
3 Magical figurines of three kasathas in bright performer’s outfits; when activated, they perform tumbling and acrobatic tricks together
4 A hand-carved wooden figurine portraying a ysoki in gladiatorial costume fighting an unknown quadrupedal predator
5 A decorative, nonfunctional circuit board soldered to portray a portrait of an unnamed android
6 A holy symbol of Damoritosh made of a chitinous substance covered in dense scrimshaw
7 An iridescent egg of exceptional beauty that pulses with a warm glow whenever someone casts a spell nearby
8 A holographic painting of a dull-yellow mountain range with heavy digital static. The painting’s file name is “The Gate To Their Realm”
9 A statuette portraying a large tusked, six-legged creature; a scale at the base indicates that it represents a 40-foot tall beast
10 A consumer-grade polyresinous figurine of an armored human woman with a nameplate: “Gres Uzur—300 planets discovered”
11 A basic medkit hiding a stash of adamantine shards
12 Clay statuette of a humanoid with a spreadable seed packet attached. When applied, the seeds grow into the words “SAVE ME” in Ghoran
13 A folder of handwritten notes with “DO NOT DIGITIZE” scrawled across the outside; the papers detail an advanced AI program
14 A collection of glittering decorative metallic rings of various sizes, designed to be worn around antennae or tentacles
15 A complete set of vidgame cartridges for a popular, long-lived series
16 A flask bedecked with gemstones; it reads “It’s Sixthday Somewhere” and still holds a serving of superior liquid intoxicant
17 Three ceramic spheres in an understated wooden box, each carefully decorated in minute detail to look like a different planet
18 A ceramic mug that magically refills with a lukewarm stimulant
19 An exquisitely tailored outfit of formalwear; the pockets hold a picture of a lashunta and a pistol with the serial numbers removed
20 A crystalline lamp that emanates a magical feeling of calm when lit
5,000 Credits
1 A pair of diamond cufflinks in the shape of longswords
2 A prototype projection drone that animates one hardlight holographic pet at a time, with a dozen species to choose from
3 An anonymous, high-quality physical manuscript of a novel about a forbidden romance between a corpsefolk and a Pharasmin
4 A cold siccatite statuette of a white-furred, many-eyed, six-legged mammoth creature kneeling in an apparent act of supplication
5 An unpublished libretto of Vendrax Steelsong, a vesk composer who was presumed killed in a pirate raid gone wrong in 216 ag
6 A magical crystalline houseplant that rustles its glassy leaves whenever it detects a living creature nearby
7 A gold statue of a dragon lying atop a treasure hoard; the hoard includes an openable tome with miniaturized text etched within
8 A scale model of the Idari made of precious metals that hovers and spins slowly above its base
9 A ceremonial warhammer with an inscription in Terran that reads “In Peace, Leaders; In War, Brethren; In Death, Heroes”
10 A traditional elven mask, made of silver and decorated with emeralds; the mask shape indicates a monstrous humanoid physique
11 Ornamental vase depicting biochemical diagrams and a human figure undergoing a transformation into a beastlike shape
12 An infosphere-disabled datapad containing a banned fiction e-book that features scenes of summoning evil outsiders
13 A computerized music box that algorithmically generates new songs based on what other music it has overhead
14 Silk wall hanging portraying a cityscape by a lake underneath a pair of twin suns; sleeping near the hanging causes disturbing dreams
15 A shopping bag filled with physical credits from different worlds
16 A jigsaw puzzle made from burnished aluminum portraying a detailed cityscape as seen from above
17 A golden statue of an insectile humanoid in heavy armor emblazoned with the holy symbols of Hylax and Damoritosh
18 A cast-iron standing lamp portraying a robotic figure; light emanates from its raised appendages
19 A platter of gilded wood with overlapping carved circles and a dozen miniscule garnets at various points upon the circles
20 A collection of six knucklebones from different species carved into dice that whisper to the bearer when held in a closed hand
25,000 Credits
1 A magical orrery comprised of assorted precious stones levitating and orbiting each other, portraying an unidentified solar system
2 A necklace of traditional elvish artisanry featuring a sizable carbuncle with a formian silhouette moving within it
3 A luxurious woven tapestry that depicts a highly stylized and magically animated scene from the Battle of Aledra
4 A masterfully painted portrait of a Weydanite lashunta before a starry background depicting a little-explored section of the galaxy
5 An archaic scepter crafted from assorted precious materials including a pulsing biomechanical apparatus of unknown purpose
6 A lockbox containing the deed to a small business in a major metropolitan area that has changed owners every few years
7 First-printing memoir of a Veskarium high despot
8 A humanoid skull sculpted from adamantine, with teeth made of gemstones and curious dark stains around the eye sockets
9 An apocryphal text of the Cult of the Devourer, detailing how the destruction of all things is an act of good in its removal of evil
10 A small, hovering pink cube that plays beautiful lush music whose qualities vary based on the proximity of the operator’s extremities
11 A polished-smooth hunk of amber containing an insect associated with an infamous plague
12 A law enforcement badge made of adamantine; inscribed into the back is a set of stellar coordinates in an asteroid field
13 A palm-sized pearl painted and engraved to be a globe of a planet
14 A technomagical mask that casts deep slumber on a willing wearer and has a technological alarm that sounds if a creature approaches within 50 feet
15 A datapad containing a spreadsheet and files detailing the debts owed and services rendered by blackmailed “assets”
16 Tickets to luxury box seats for a major upcoming sporting event, with a cryptic message hinting at a fixed betting scheme
17 An aquarium containing a few mundane species and gravel composed of rare alloys
18 An old but carefully maintained analog strategy board game; the pieces appear wooden but are much heavier
19 An abstract art statuette made of a metallic alloy; it provides a small, harmless electric shock to any non-android who touches it
20 An animated silver statuette of a crest eater that growls aggressively at any kasathas that approach it
100,000 Credits
1 Encrypted hard drive containing covert information about a undercover Steward agent embedded in the Golden League
2 Terrarium containing an unidentified crustacean species whose carapace grows semiprecious stones
3 A small polycarbonate globe with a miniature planet hovering inside; close examination reveals tiny spaceships flying within the globe
4 A large carved wooden puzzle chest containing hundreds of small gemstones
5 A decorated embri mask made of porcelain and gold gilt; it is inscribed with Celestial text organized in an unknown grammar
6 A full-length mirror of polished stone and an unidentified metallic alloy that reflects only biological lifeforms
7 An artificial polycarbonate gemstone containing a single reptilian eye at the center; the eye seems to move of its own volition
8 A null-space chamber filled with a wide variety of taxidermized species of unknown provenance
9 A large collection of ornate bronze gears, each numbered and inscribed with a different aphorism; some gears are missing
10 A fist-sized opal enchanted to float on command and burst into illusory flames, giving the jewel the appearance of a miniature sun
11 An envelope with twenty winning pieces to a corporate sweepstakes
12 The original prototype of a trophy for a major sporting event
13 A large mass of diamonds, held together through a mysterious force; a dark object is barely visible at the center of the bunch
14 A shadow box containing a large iridescent feather made of precious minerals and an illustration of an immense avian creature
15 A long blade of exquisite craftsmanship and materials resting inside a petrified-stone heart of aberrant origin
16 A humanoid hand that seems to have been dipped in molten gold; scans show bones and organic material still exist in the center
17 A set of drinking vessels from a pre-Gap culture; the set as a whole radiates divination magic, but individual pieces appear to be nonmagical
18 A 6-inch containment tube holding a miniaturized Daimalko colossus
19 A clockwork globe portraying a planet-spanning metropolis
20 A holovid set-up that can access channels from other dimensions
Value Varies
1 Autographed rookie brutaris cards
2 Traditionally created, barrel-aged Idari pepper wine
3 Collectible Mightiest Warriors of the Veskarium action figures
4 Data stick containing raw unedited footage of The Necromancer
5 Hybrid data crystal engraved with digital blueprints and security plans for a major corporation’s headquarters
6 Dwarven chronicle stones detailing daily life and operations on an unidentified pre-Gap asteroid mining colony
7 Tier 1 computer with camera footage of a crime in progress that clearly identifies the perpetrator
8 A recently stolen art piece by an up-and-coming artistic influencer
9 A holographic projector containing compromising video footage of a public figure
10 A null-space chamber with nothing inside but a single data stick with a series of galactic coordinates
11 An antiquated, pre-Gap computer that contains schematics for a cutting-edge negative-energy hybrid weapon
12 An alien bone made from a dense synthetic material. One end unscrews to reveal a hollow, which in turn contains a hand drawn map
13 An electronic photo frame that displays various commercial buildings along with encrypted files of the buildings’ floorplans
14 A home gardening kit with the original seed packets replaced with contraband flora smuggled from offworld
15 Tiny robotic figures that act out popular holovid shows and movies
16 A personal computer of a public figure that contains their journal
17 Gemstones containing magical recordings of divination results
18 A personal comm unit bedecked with tiny rubies that contains personal contact information for several important figures
19 Small tin containing the top-secret intergalactic blend of herbs and spices from a popular chef’s kitchen
20 Datapad containing everything necessary to claim ownership of a private stock portfolio