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Charter Development / Charter Creation Basics

Charter Trait Scores

Source Starfinder #40: Planetfall pg. 41
Every charter has five trait scores: Accord, Culture, Economy, Magic, and Technology. These five traits are prerequisites for advanced charter projects and events, both of which are introduced on page 45 and further expanded upon in pages 46–47 (for advanced projects) and 48–49 (for events). Each charter trait has an abbreviation noted in parentheses.

Each charter trait score starts at 0, but your selection of patron type and initial focus (steps 2 and 3 of charter creation) will increase or decrease these scores. Charter trait scores can be negative. Some choices, including the free choices in Step 4: Finalize Trait Scores, allow you to increase a score of your choice. You can’t increase the same score twice in the same step of charter creation, but you can use an increase gained in one step to offset a decrease from the same step.

As you undertake projects, these scores will further increase and decrease.

Accord (ACC)

Accord measures the collective sense of togetherness possessed by the citizens of your charter, generally as a function of the charter’s infrastructure.

Culture (CUL)

Culture measures the interest and dedication of your charter and its people in the arts and related fields as well as religion and philosophy.

Economy (ECO)

Economy measures the practical day-to-day business of your charter and its ability to create, buy, and sell.

Magic (MAG)

Magic measures how deeply your charter delves into the mysteries of the arcane.

Technology (TEC)

Technology indicates the level of manufacturing and scientific research your charter engages in.