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Charter Development / Charter Creation Steps

Step 1: Charter Concept And Charter Sheet

Source Starfinder #40: Planetfall pg. 41
The first step to making and building a charter is for the player group to decide what they want their new home to be like. Are you going to focus on economic development, ignoring the potential damage to nature and the environment? Or perhaps your focus is on magic and venerating one or more deities? The group should work together to determine what direction they want to take their burgeoning new home. Compared to creating a single character, developing a charter is, by its nature, a cooperative experience enhanced when the entire group engages in the process.

The details of your charter are tracked on the charter sheet. The GM and players should work together to determine the best method for sharing the responsibility of tracking their charter. Should the GM keep track of everything? Should one player—the one who most enjoys learning a new subsystem or whose character takes on the most administrative duties—be responsible for filling out the charter sheet? Perhaps the sheet should be passed from one player to the next each session? As long as the charter’s details are available to everyone during play, there’s no one “right” answer, so choose the solution that works best for the group.