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Charter Development / Charter Creation Steps

Step 3: Choose Initial Focus

Source Starfinder #40: Planetfall pg. 42
As you administer according to your charter’s needs, you direct how it expands and choose the major projects undertaken by its citizens. However, the first few weeks after touching down on a planet’s surface are crucial to a charter’s survival. Decide on your initial focus during this early period, selecting one of the focuses listed below and applying the listed adjustments to your charter trait scores. Your choice of initial focus doesn’t restrict your future choices or the projects you pursue during charter turns; it represents only your charter’s initial emphasis when your PCs and the citizens they brought with them hit the ground for the first time.


You focus on providing citizens a comfortable place to live and work that’s also pleasing to the eye.
Trait Adjustments: +1 Culture


You want settlers to get along with one another. After all, this is their new home!
Trait Adjustments: +1 Accord


It’s vital to you that every citizen has a job to do and contributes to the charter’s future.
Trait Adjustments: +1 Economy


You consider it important to learn as much as possible about this new world and its native species.
Trait Adjustments: +1 Technology


Every planet has occult secrets, and you intend to discover them before they cause any harm.
Trait Adjustments: +1 Magic