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Reading The Table

Source Starfinder #40: Planetfall pg. 45
Traits: Your charter must have the listed minimum traits before you can undertake the project.
Requirements: Sometimes finishing a project requires you to have already completed a different project or to place your project in a specific hex. A few requirements are especially common.
  • Charter: You can only construct this project once for any given charter, and you gain its benefits as long as the charter exists.
  • Hex: You must place this project in a hex you’ve claimed that contains no other project or settlement. If the hex must be a given terrain type, that terrain is listed here.
  • Settlement: You must place this project in one of your settlements; a settlement can contain any number of settlement projects.
Cost: This project costs the listed amount of Resource Units
Benefit: Most projects increase one or more traits. A few grant special benefits described in the project’s entry.