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Advanced Projects Table

Source Starfinder #40: Planetfall pg. 46
Advanced Project Acc Cul Traits Eco Mag Tec Requirements Cost Benefit
Artificial Intelligence 10 10 Charter 28 +1 Tec
You develop a true artificial intelligence program.
Armory 4 Settlement 10 +1 Eco
You build a place to manufacture, store, and sell weapons and armor.
Augmentation Clinic 4 4 4 Settlement 10 +1 Mag, +1 Tec
You construct a facility where augmentations can be purchased and installed.
Bank 4 Settlement 8 +1 Eco
You construct a financial institution.
Broadcast Studio 5 3 Settlement 15 +1 Cul, +1 Eco
You build a studio for creating news and entertainment media.
Courthouse 5 Law enforcement agency, settlement 14 +1 Acc
You build a place for legal proceedings.
Defenses 4 Settlement 10 +1 Acc
You construct sturdy walls or automated security measures around a single settlement.
Elite Reclamation Team 5 7 7 Charter 22 +1 Acc
Using advanced survey drones and magical divinations, you can expand your charter faster. When you undertake the Claim Hex project, you can claim 2 hexes instead of 1. Both hexes must meet the requirements, and for every hex claimed, you still pay 1 Resource Unit and increase your charter’s size by 1.
Embassy 5 Trade deal, special 10 +1 Acc
You build an embassy to house diplomats from another political entity with whom you have a trade deal, such as another charter. The embassy must be placed in one of your settlements, and you can’t have more than one embassy for the same political entity in your charter.
Energy Grid 6 Charter 15 +1 Tec
You can efficiently transfer power from one place to another.
Entertainment Quarter 2 Settlement 6 +1 Cul, +1 Eco
You set an area aside for theaters, concert halls, and similar entertainments.
Factory 4 4 Settlement 15 Special
Manufacturing increases in the chosen settlement. Increase the size of the Settlement Die for that settlement by 1 step (d6->d8->d10->d12->d20). Each factory you construct adds +1 to the Eco and Tec requirements for future factory projects in your charter.
Fusion Enchanter 3 Settlement 10 +1 Mag
You attract the business of someone who creates and installs weapon fusions.
Government Seat 2 Special 5 +1 Acc
You establish a building to house your charter’s government. You can only have one government seat, and it must be placed in a settlement.
Graveyard 2 2 Settlement 8 +1 Cul
You set aside an area to care for and bury your dead.
Hospital 2 2 Settlement 8 1 Acc
You build a medical center or other place of healing.
Infosphere 5 6 Charter 18 +1 Acc
You create an infosphere that covers your entire charter. At the GM’s discretion, it can connect with other infospheres on the planet.
Law Enforcement Agency 3 3 Charter 10 +1 Acc
You establish an agency to police settled areas, bring criminals to justice, and rehabilitate them.
Ley Line Network 7 7 Charter 18 +1 Mag
You harness magical power from the planet’s natural ley line system.
Library 2 Settlement 8 +1 Mag, +1 Tec
You build a repository of knowledge.
Menagerie 5 3 Settlement 12 +1 Cul
You build a zoo or aquarium for interesting animals.
Monument 4 Settlement 12 +1 Cul
You erect a noteworthy statue or other monument.
Nature Preserve 4 Hex 14 +1 Cul
You set aside a single hex as a nature preserve. This hex can’t contain any other project or settlement, not even a road, for as long as you control it.
Observatory 3 4 Hex (hill or mountain) 12 +1 Mag, +1 Tec
You build a facility to study space phenomena.
Oracle 12 Charter 30 Special
Mystics and clairvoyants divine the future for your charter. You can choose to spend 5 Resource Units during the Upkeep phase to roll your Event Phase immediately. The effects of the event don’t occur until the Event Phase.
Orbital Habitat 12 Space elevator or spaceport 30 +1 Tec
You build a high-atmosphere platform staffed with scientists.
Recharging Station 2 Settlement 5 +1 Tec
You construct a public recharging station; characters can recharge batteries and environmental protections for free in the chosen settlement.
Religious Institution 1 Settlement 5 +1 Cul, +1 Mag
You construct a church or shrine to deities of your choice.
Research Institute 5 5 Settlement 10 +1 Tec
You research an important scientific endeavor.
Residential Improvements 1 Settlement 6 +1 Acc
You replace prefabricated buildings with sturdier housing.
Restaurant Quarter 2 Settlement 6 +1 Acc,+1 Eco
You set aside part of a settlement for restaurants and other dining facilities.
Road 2 Special 6 Special
You construct travel routes to make movement within your charter easier. A road can be placed in any hex you control that doesn’t already have a settlement or a road; projects with the “hex” requirement can be built in a hex with a road, provided that’s the only other project in that hex. Roads reduce travel times (Starfinder Core Rulebook page 258). If you’re using the hexploration system (Galaxy Exploration Manual page 35), reduce the number of hexploration activities required to travel in or through the road hex by 1 (to a minimum of 1).
Satellite Launch System 6 Settlement 8 +1 Tec
You construct a launch system to put communication and observation satellites in orbit.
School 1 Settlement 8 +1 Cul, +1 Mag
You construct a learning institution for young students.
Shopping Center 2 Settlement 6 +1 Acc, + Eco
You build a marketplace, trading post, or mall.
Solarian Monastery 6 Hex (hill or mountain) 14 +1 Mag
You build a retreat dedicated to the Cycle and solarian training.
Space Elevator 8 10 Hex (plains) 28 +1 Tec
You construct a massive space elevator linked to the planet’s surface in the chosen hex.
Spaceport 8 Hex (plains) 20 +1 Eco
You construct landing pads and other facilities for starships. The hex must be adjacent to a settlement.
Sports Arena 6 3 Settlement 12 +1 Cul
You build a dedicated sports stadium or multi-purpose arena.
Starfinder Society Lodge 4 4 Charter 15 +1 Cul, +1 Mag
You invite the Starfinder Society to build a lodge. Select a single hex for the lodge; that hex can’t contain a settlement or other project.
Technomancer Circle 6 Charter 16 +1 Mag
You invite a cabal of technomancers to use their powers on the charter’s behalf.
Terraform 10 10 Special 26 Special
Choose a single hex you control; change the terrain in that hex to one of: aquatic, desert, forest, hill, marsh, mountain, or plains.
Trade Deal 7 7 Special 20 +1 Eco, special
You establish an economic deal with another political entity (such as a friendly or even rival charter) to trade goods and services. Once per Charter Turn, you can reroll 1 Settlement Die. You can perform this project multiple times, but you can have only one trade deal with a given political entity.
University 5 School, settlement 18 +1 Cul, +1 Mag, +1 Tec
You sponsor an institution of higher learning. The chosen settlement must have a school.
Upgraded Resource Node —— 4 4 Special 6 +1 Eco
Select a single resource node in your charter and improve its Resource Die to a d6 for as long as you control the hex.
Waste Disposal 1 1 Charter 6 +1 Acc
You establish a safe method for settlements and industry to dispose of waste.
Waterfront 4 Hex 10 +1 Eco
You build docks for transporting goods over water. The selected hex must be aquatic terrain or adjacent to it.