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Equipment / Tech Relics


Source Tech Revolution pg. 67
A tech relic might have any of the following quirks, either randomly determined or specifically chosen.

1. Burbling: The speech of anyone holding the relic becomes impossible to understand.
2. Crystalline: The relic and anyone holding it take double damage from sonic damage.
3. Fastidious: The relic and anyone holding it look clean, spotless, and new.
4. Floating: The relic can’t rest upon a surface, always hovering and slowly drifting away wherever it’s set down.
5. Keening: A mournful wail surrounds the relic unless it’s tightly wrapped up.
6. Marked: Anyone looking at the relic sees a maker’s mark or property tag bearing the viewer’s own name.
7. Menacing: Bystanders feel the relic is ineffably ominous. 8. Painful: The relic decreases the user’s pain threshold, imposing a –4 penalty to saving throws against pain effects.
9. Predictive: The relic often finishes the user’s sentences in the user’s voice.
10. Restless: The relic occasionally teleports itself 5–50 feet in a random direction when not carried or worn.
11. Shedding: The relic periodically sheds a shell that resembles its exterior, but the item never gets any smaller as a result.
12. Wasting: Any creature holding the relic seems unhealthy or dilapidated, taking a –2 penalty to saves against afflictions.