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Aid (Minor)

Source Tech Revolution pg. 72
You run programs, review diagnostics, or look for weaknesses that help your lead hacker with an upcoming task.
Check: Choose one action that a lead hacker will attempt this phase. Attempt the same check, but the DC of your check instead equals 10 or the obstacle’s base DC – 10, whichever is higher. If the obstacle lists additional skills in its Support entry, you can attempt a check with one of those skills in place of the skill typically used for the action.
Success: The lead hacker gains a +2 bonus to their check to perform that action if they do so before the end of the phase. The bonus increases to +3 if you exceed the DC by 5–9, and increases to +4 if you exceed the DC by 10 or more. A lead hacker can’t gain more than a +4 bonus to any one check from the aid action, even if aided by multiple allies.
Special: You can’t use this action to grant a bonus to one of your own actions.