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Chapter 9: Starships / Refitting and Upgrading Starships

Upgrading Systems

Source Starfinder Core Rulebook pg. 305
PCs with Build Points to spare can replace a system or weapon with one that costs more Build Points by paying only the difference in cost between the two systems. If the cost is the same, the system can be upgraded for free, but the crew should keep the amount of PCU the starship’s power core produces in mind so they don’t exceed their power budget. When upgrading a weapon, remember that the starship’s frame starts with a certain number and type of weapon mounts (but see New Weapon Mounts below). Installing a single upgrade usually takes 1d4 days.

PCs can’t upgrade the base frame of their starship. They can rebuild their starship with a new base frame if they so desire (within the limits of their budget of Build Points, of course), but that new starship will have a different look (and should probably have a different name). PCs can purchase Huge and larger base frames only at the GM’s discretion, as these usually require large crews and thus are normally reserved for NPC starships.

Buying a whole new starship is a process that can take between 1d4 days and 1d4 months, depending on whether the PCs are purchasing a used starship from a spacedock or having a custom vessel built from scratch.