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Basic Counterhacker (Countermeasure)

Source Tech Revolution pg. 73
This capable programmer shores up the computer’s defenses.
Resolve: Deceive (DC + 0, 2 successes) or Hack (DC + 2, 2 successes)
Countdown (3): Whenever the countdown reaches 0, the counterhacker causes two effects. First, they damage the persona of one lead hacker, causing it to lose CP equal to 2d6 + the encounter’s CR. That lead hacker can halve the CP their persona lost by succeeding at a DC + 0 Process check. Second, the counterhacker can perform one of the actions below. Afterward, roll 1d3 to determine the obstacle’s new countdown value.
Attack: Increase the Process check DC to resist the damage by 2, and treat all 1s on the damage dice as 2s.
Infect: The counterhacker infects the persona with a virus. Each phase after the hackers act, the infected persona loses CP equal to 1d6 plus half the encounter’s CR, and any computer that persona’s hacker is using takes damage equal to twice the CP lost. The virus can be removed by spending a major action and succeeding at a DC + 0 Hack check.
Repair: Choose one obstacle that hasn’t been resolved. Treat one of the checks to resolve that obstacle as though it had not been fulfilled this encounter.
Trace: The counterhacker assesses the persona’s signature and identifies where its associated hacker is located unless that hacker succeeds at a DC + 0 Deceive check.