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Building A Vehicle

Source Tech Revolution pg. 76
Designing a new vehicle involves choosing the vehicle’s item level, which determines many of the vehicle’s base statistics. From there, apply several templates to adjust those statistics and make the vehicle fit your concept. Whatever you design, you can augment it further using the vehicle modifications on pages 80–83.
The following provides an overview of the vehicle-design process, detailed further in the following pages.

Step 0: Vehicle Concept

Source Tech Revolution pg. 76
Before you start designing your vehicle, you should have a clear idea of what the purpose of this vehicle is. Is the vehicle a fast transport, a powerful gunship, or an invulnerable tank? Why was it designed? What task was it created to perform? Who created it? A racing vehicle designed by goblins will sport a very different set of abilities than a Veskarian assault tank.

Step 1: Array

Source Tech Revolution pg. 76
Choose the level of the vehicle, then locate and use the starting statistics in Table 3–1: Custom Vehicle Array.

Step 2: Vehicle Type Graft

Source Tech Revolution pg. 76
Choose and apply one of the vehicle type grafts based on your vehicle’s general shape, such as a cycle, flying vehicle, tank, or walker. Apply any adjustments that template provides. The vehicle type graft has a significant impact on your vehicle’s final statistics.

Step 3: Vehicle Size Graft

Source Tech Revolution pg. 76
Determine the vehicle’s size. Choose a vehicle size template and apply any adjustments to your starting statistics. Large vehicles have no adjustments, as Large is the default size for most vehicles. Small creatures sometimes use Medium vehicles.

Step 4 (Optional): Vehicle Origin Graft

Source Tech Revolution pg. 76
Is this custom vehicle created by a large corporation for wide distribution, a hand-made vehicle, or an experimental vehicle? You can choose one graft that best describes your vehicle and apply it.

Step 5 (Optional): Special Grafts

Source Tech Revolution pg. 76
The templates in this section describe rarer types of vehicles, such as those that are built from scrap, designed for off-road travel, or include an auto-pilot. Apply up to two of these grafts if they help to describe your vehicle.