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Vehicles / Custom Vehicles

Step 1: Array

Source Tech Revolution pg. 76
The following pages provide base statistics for creating your vehicle, such as AC, speed, and starting price. The level determines the item level of the vehicle and its base statistics, which are modified further in the subsequent steps. Record each of these statistics for the level of your vehicle.
Level: The item level of your vehicle.
Price: The base price of the vehicle; it is modified by further templates. Apply changes in the order you apply the templates, starting with Step 3.
Speed: The vehicle’s base speed. Land vehicles can move only along the ground, air vehicles have fly speeds, and water vehicles have swim speeds.
EAC: The vehicle’s Energy Armor Class.
KAC: The vehicle’s Kinetic Armor Class.
HP: The vehicle’s Hit Point total. Its Break Threshold equals half the vehicle’s Hit Points, unless otherwise stated by a template.
Hardness: The vehicle’s hardness. Additional grafts can increase the hardness up to twice this starting value, though vehicle modifications like adamantine plating (page 80) can increase the hardness beyond this limit afterward. A vehicle’s hardness is always at least 5, even if a graft would reduce it below this value.
Collision Damage: The vehicle’s base collision damage, which can be altered by grafts and later modifications.
Collision DC: The vehicle’s base collision DC.
Modifiers: The vehicle’s modifiers to Piloting checks and attack rolls, with a larger modifier to attack rolls listed in parentheses for when the vehicle is traveling at full speed.
Modification Slots: The number of modification slots (page 80) the vehicle has.

LevelPriceSpeedEACKACHPHardnessCollision DamageCollision DCModification Slots
17002512141254d4 B101
21,8002513152055d4 B111
32,6002514163056d4 B121
44,0002515174055d6 B131
56,0002517195555d8 B132
68,5003018207566d8 B142
713,0003019219576d10 B152
819,00030202212087d10 B162
927,00035212313598d10 B162
1036,000352325150109d10 B173
1150,0003524261651110d10 B183
1273,0004025271851211d10 B193
13100,0004026282051312d10 B193
14150,0004027292301414d10 B203
15230,0004529312551515d10 B214
16345,0004530322801617d10 B224
17520,0004531333101718d10 B224
18760,0005032343401820d10 B234
191,150,0005033353701923d10 B244
201,750,0005035374002025d10 B255

Other Statistics

Source Tech Revolution pg. 76
Several other statistics, described below, are derived from grafts rather than the vehicle’s level.
Adjustments: These are modifications to the vehicle’s statistics. Cover: The amount of cover the vehicle provides.
Passengers: The number of passengers the vehicle can comfortably carry, in addition to the pilot.
Special: Unique effects or prerequisites that apply to the vehicle. Speed (Full): The vehicle’s full speed, primarily determined by the vehicle type graft.
Speed (Travel): The vehicle’s overland speed used for noncombat movement, expressed in miles per hour. Except where otherwise noted, this speed equals the vehicle’s full speed divided by 10.