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Vehicles / Custom Vehicles

Step 4 (Optional): Vehicle Origin Graft

Source Tech Revolution pg. 78
While most vehicles are mass-produced after rigorous testing, the following arrays can help express prototypes or experimental vehicles that aren’t ready for mass production yet. They can also represent completely customized, hand-crafted vehicles that are unique in design.


Source Tech Revolution pg. 78
Created by mechanical artisans, these one-of-a-kind vehicles are an expression of their creators’ visions.
Adjustments: Decrease price by 50%, increase modification slots by 1.
Special: The vehicle must have been created by the experimental vehicle alternate class feature (page 22).


Source Tech Revolution pg. 78
Most vehicles are factory-made, use standardized parts for a particular civilization, and are relatively easy to repair, but have little room for creative modification.
Adjustments: Decrease price by 10%, decrease modification slots by 1 (minimum 1). While in an area where standardized parts are available (such as a major settlement), decrease repair costs by 10% and decrease repair time by 25%.


Source Tech Revolution pg. 78
Design prototype vehicles might represent secret technologies (potentially stolen), yet companies sometimes sell off old prototypes as collectors’ items after their associated technologies are refined, patented, and on the market.
Adjustments: Increase price by 10%, increase modification slots by 1, increase repair time and repair cost by 20%.