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Vehicles / Custom Vehicles / Step 5 (Optional): Special Grafts


Source Tech Revolution pg. 79
These vehicles are made of spare parts and discarded refuse, making for cheap (albeit unreliable) rides.
Adjustments: Decrease price by 20%, decrease full speed by 50 feet, decrease Piloting modifier by 3, decrease attack modifiers by 1. The vehicle gains the broken condition when reduced to 75% of its Hit Points instead of 50%.
Systems: The vehicle gains the Unstable Engine system.
Unstable Engine: Once the vehicle becomes broken, its engine explodes in 1d4 rounds (even if it’s been wrecked), dealing 1d6 fire damage in a 10-foot burst around the vehicle; this damage increases to 3d6 for anyone riding the vehicle. At 3rd level and every odd level thereafter, the burst deals an additional 1d6 damage (or an additional 2d6 damage to riders). Creatures can take half damage with a successful Reflex save (DC = the vehicle’s collision DC).
Special: If you have access to inert electronic and mechanical junk, this graft instead reduces vehicle price by 50%. This requires at least 10 bulk of junk for a Medium vehicle. For each size category larger than Medium, multiply the junk required by 8.