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Improving Vehicles

Source Tech Revolution pg. 79
Sometimes an owner’s own level outpaces their trusty vehicle’s capabilities, and when modifications (pages 80–83) aren’t enough, it’s time for a retrofit that boosts the vehicle’s item level. This often increases the vehicle’s performance and defenses, providing a good way for PCs to keep their vehicle competitive in tactical combat and vehicle chases without having to build or buy a completely new vehicle. The process for upgrading a vehicle varies, depending on whether the vehicle is a custom creation using the rules presented earlier in this chapter, or whether the vehicle is a prebuilt vehicle, such as those found on pages 228–229 of the Core Rulebook. In either case, upgrading a vehicle by one level takes a number of days based on the vehicle’s size: Medium = 1 day, Large = 2 days, Huge = 3 days, Gargantuan = 5 days, and Colossal = 10 days.
Custom Vehicles: Calculate the price of the custom vehicle as though its item level were one higher (plus any grafts you want to add as part of the upgrade). The cost of upgrading the vehicle equals the difference between this higher price and the vehicle’s current price. Upon completing the upgrade, recalculate the vehicle’s statistics using the new item level (plus any added grafts).
Prebuilt Vehicles: Upgrading a prebuilt vehicle costs a number of credits equal to 50% of the vehicle’s current cost. The vehicle’s item level increases by 1, and its new price becomes the sum of its original price plus the cost of any subsequent upgrades. The vehicle’s EAC and KAC values each increase by 1; if the vehicle’s new level is divisible by 5, the EAC and KAC instead increase by 2 each.
The vehicle gains additional Hit Points based on its new level. Increase the Hit Points by 10 if the vehicle’s new level is 4 or lower, by 15 if the new level is between 5–10, by 20 if the new level is between 11–15, or by 30 if the new level is 16 or higher. If the vehicle’s new level is 6 or higher, increase its hardness by 1. If the vehicle’s new level is divisible by 4, increase its speed by 5 feet, increase its full speed by 50 feet, and increase its overland speed by 20%.
If the vehicle’s new level is divisible by 5, the vehicle gains an additional modification slot. As part of performing the upgrade, a PC can also remove or install any available vehicle modifications without increasing the total time required for the upgrade.