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Avoiding Encounters

Source Tech Revolution pg. 89
With the right plane or submersible, clever PCs could entirely bypass whole encounters. Rather than penalize them for missing that loot and experience, let the PCs celebrate as they knowingly skip a few threats, then adapt one of the threats to provide a challenge. For example, after the PCs dodge terrestrial predators in their enercopter, they might find some of the enemy patrols have jetpacks that let them take to the air. Occasionally, you might use circumstances that limit the vehicle’s use, such as inclement weather, but be wary hindering the PCs’ vehicle so frequently that it feels contrived. Instead, you can softly limit vehicle use by providing objectives that require the PCs to explore a threat rather than bypass it. Then, give them a way for their vehicle to facilitate the mission, like being able to parachute past some defenses or plan a daring getaway—possible only thanks to their exploration buggy.