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Source Galactic Magic pg. 88
You record your spells in written form and record them in a spellbook. You begin play with a spellbook worth 10 credits or less, which you receive for free and which you must study to prepare your spells. The spellbook contains your choice of five 1st-level spells from the list appropriate to your class. Your spellbook’s form and name is up to you; a mystic might use a holy text, while a technomancer might record their spells in a personal comm unit.
Each time you gain a level in a spellcasting class, you automatically add two spells from that class’s spell list to your spellbook, choosing spells of a level you can cast. In addition, you can add spells to your spellbook using the Scribe Spell downtime activity (below). This downtime activity follows the rules presented on page 150 of Starfinder Character Operations Manual.