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Scribe Spell

Source Galactic Magic pg. 88
You attempt to add a spell to your spellbook. Depending on the nature of your spellbook, this might require special inks, hybrid technology, or other special materials. You must have access to the spell in a spellbook, spell gem, or other method, or engage in conversation throughout this activity with someone who knows the spell or has it in their spellbook.
Activity: Attempt a Mysticism check with a DC equal to 10 + three times the level of the spell.
Result: On a success, spend credits equal to 100 times the spell’s level and add the spell to your spellbook. On a failure, you don’t add the spell, and you can’t try again until you gain a character level. If you were using a spell gem to gain access to the spell, the spell gem is consumed whether you succeed or fail to scribe it.