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Ritual Casting

Source Galactic Magic pg. 89
Most rituals have a level, from 1 to 6, that corresponds to their power, how difficult they are to perform, and some statistics associated with them. Some rituals can be learned and performed at different levels, with different effects depending on the level. When you learn a variable-level ritual, you learn all lower-level versions at the same time. The script for a variable-level ritual depends on the level. A ritual’s description lists the script for each level of a variable-level ritual.
The individuals who perform a ritual are known as ritualists, and they don’t need to be spellcasters. Every ritual requires at least one person, the ritual leader, who must either have access to the ritual or have learned it. Additional individuals might be able to help perform the ritual; these participants are ritual assistants. Each ritual lists how many assistants can participate, if any. Most rituals allow assistants, and some require them, but a few must be performed by the ritual leader alone. A ritual leader can never lead more assistants than the leader has ranks in Mysticism, and once the ritual begins, they remain the leader for the entire ritual.
Rituals are performed over a number of ritual rounds. The length of time represented by a ritual round depends on the ritual and can be found in that ritual’s description. Each round, the leader and assistants select ritual actions; these actions are detailed below. Unless someone pauses the ritual using the maintain ritual action, the actions in the ritual script must be taken in order, one per round, until the ritual is complete; otherwise, the ritual fails. Generally, a ritual requires a number of actions equal to the ritual’s level, but the number of actions can vary.
Each ritual round, characters can take their actions in any order. While the ritual leader is usually taking the ritual action required by the script, assistants have more options when it comes to their choice of action, and sometimes actions required in the script can be taken by any character, not just the leader. For example, an assistant might choose to act before the leader to take the harmonize action and grant a bonus to the leader’s check, or that same assistant might wait to act until after the leader has acted, to use the martyr self or salvage ritual action.
Ritual actions often require a skill check, a saving throw, or some other activity, such as the sacrifice of valuable goods. Whenever a ritual action requires a skill check or saving throw, the DC can be found on Table 3–2: Rituals. If the ritualist hasn’t learned the ritual, the DC is 5 higher.
When an action required as part of a ritual script succeeds, the ritual continues for another round, when the next action in the script can be attempted. Failure on a ritual action required as part of a script, however, can have several consequences, listed in the ritual script. If neither “failure” nor “retry” is listed, the ritual action succeeds despite the failed check or saving throw, but the character who took the action suffers the consequences listed.
  • Damage: The character takes damage appropriate to the level of the ritual, according to Table 3–2: Rituals. If the damage has a type, it’s noted here.
  • Condition: The character gains the listed condition for the length of time noted.
  • Failure: The ritual fails.
  • Retry: The action fails, but the ritual has not. The failed action must be attempted again on the next round, unless the ritual is paused through the maintain ritual action.
Certain ritual actions allow assistants to save a ritual that would fail or to take damage or a condition that would incapacitate the ritual leader, potentially saving the ritual from failure.

Table 3-2: Rituals

Ritual LevelSkill DCSave DCCreature CRItem SacrificeDamage
111121/31,000 credits1d12
2161524,000 credits4d12
32017510,000 credits7d12
42519840,000 credits10d12
5292111100,000 credits13d12
6342414400,000 credits16d12

Variable-Level Rituals

Source Galactic Magic pg. 90
Some rituals have different effects depending on the level at which you perform the ritual. When you learn a variablelevel ritual, you learn all lower level versions at the same time. The script for a variable-level ritual depends on the level. A ritual’s description lists the script for each level of a variable-level ritual.

Creature-Creation Rituals

Source Galactic Magic pg. 90
Some spells create creatures, turning an inanimate object into a construct, for example, or converting a corpse into undead. The creatures these spells can create are limited by the level of the ritual; the higher the ritual level, the higher the CR of the creatures it can be used to create, according to Table 3–2: Rituals.