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Other Summoning Rituals

Source Galactic Magic pg. 93
There are many variations on the summoning ritual, including rituals to summon angels, daemons, demons, fey, oni, velstracs, or other extraplanar beings. Most work identically to summon elemental with a few notable exceptions. First, most outsiders are more intelligent than elementals, and so their initial attitude is more likely to be unfriendly (though a devil might pretend to be friendly for its own purposes). Second, when a ritualist fails a ritual action that inflicts damage, that damage has a type appropriate to the plane the summoned creature comes from. For example, summoning a devil is likely to inflict fire damage. If no damage type is appropriate, the damage has no type. Summoning rituals can differ from the usual script and results in other, more specific ways; a wise ritualist learns all they can about the spell and the creature summoned before attempting the ritual!