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Custom Species Builder

A Nonlinear Approach

Source Interstellar Species pg. 42
You’ll see there are numbered steps in the species creation process because there’s no correct order. Sometimes you’ll be first inspired by an idea for an alien culture and home world, then follow with its physiology, both of which then inform its mechanical traits. Or you might come at it from the other direction, finding a fun combination of mechanics that you then justify with an interesting culture and bizarre physiology. Feel free to skip around the process and adjust as you learn more about your species, using what inspires you and ignoring what doesn’t.
Inspiration: You might want to recreate a species you’ve seen in a movie, novel, or elsewhere—go for it! By the end of the process, your choices will make your re-creation unique.
Questions: Several sections include questions meant to inspire you; consider as many or few as you find helpful.