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Special Abilities and Weaknesses

Source Interstellar Species pg. 43
Your species should gain several special abilities, which are broadly divided into combat and noncombat abilities. Your species should receive some of each to remain balanced in play against other species. Both categories have stronger abilities (the first 8 options listed on the corresponding table) and numerous regular abilities. Choose either one stronger combat ability or two regular ones, then do the same for noncombat abilities. Don’t choose the same ability more than once. As with all steps, consider the physiological or cultural sources of the ability and feel free to adjust the flavor of it to match your species concept.
You can also determine your abilities randomly. If you want to roll on a table for one stronger ability, roll a d8. If you want to roll for two abilities, reroll any results of 8 or less, as well as any duplicate results.
Weaknesses are optional, and they don’t grant additional abilities. Example weaknesses appear in Table 2–6: Weaknesses, and you can invent your own, though you should avoid sweeping penalties to AC or d20 rolls. Some weaknesses allow a saving throw (DC equals 13 + 1/2 the level, item level, or CR of the source that triggered the weakness ) to negate their effect.