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Cultural Attributes

Source Interstellar Species pg. 45
One way to think about your species’ culture is through the presence and interaction of certain cultural attributes—accord, alignment, magic, religion, and technology—as defined (and explored in depth) in other Starfinder products, such as the Starfinder Deck of Many Worlds and Starfinder Galaxy Exploration Manual. Each should be considered the average or tendency of the culture, rather than a set of hard and fast rules that every member of that culture observes.
Accord in this context is a measure of a culture’s cooperation, both among individuals and with the galaxy at large. The culture’s predominant alignment shapes many approaches to justice, altruism, and rules. You can use the relative presence or absence of magic, technology, or both to think about how these features have shaped your species’ culture and their interactions with the galaxy. Finally, religion can shape a culture, whether monotheistic, diverse, or purposefully defiant despite a setting where the gods are very real. For an overview of deities and other faiths, see pages 482–493 of the Core Rulebook, and you can find even greater depth and more options on pages 100–123 of Starfinder Galactic Magic. Which faiths are especially prevalent, adored, or detested by your species?