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Source Interstellar Species pg. 46
Beyond the attributes above, you can explore culture through various spectrums, like the examples below. Each presents two ends of that spectrum and a middle ground. Yet these dichotomies can become more engaging if you include major exceptions. For example, a society could believe in unhindered progress… except regarding some sacred, ancient institution.
Tradition/Progress: Is the culture steeped in history and tradition, constantly looking ahead to the next development or using one to inform the other?
Community/Individual: Does the culture promote the needs of the many over those of the few, encourage and empower individuals to enrich themselves regardless of the impact on others, or fall somewhere in between?
Liberty/Law: How tightly does society regulate individual or group behavior, and where does one’s rights end and another’s begin?
Exceptionalism/Universalism: Does the culture embrace and learn from the galaxy’s diversity, hold itself up as the shining example to the rest of the galaxy, or do a little bit of both?